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10 Standard

ID Name Year % Of Marks % of School Result Special Result Image PDF Link
1Gandhi Yaxshi Nileshkumar2016-201799.9286.56School-1st (A1)
Click Here
2Gaziyawala Sadiya G.2016-201799.4586.56School-2nd(A2)
Social Science
Click Here
3Gandhi Grinsi Sanjayabhai2016-201799.3086.56School-3rd(A2)Click Here
4DESAI SONALI V.2015-201699.91PR94.22%SCHOOL- 1St.Click Here
5SOLANKI KRISHNA P.2014-1599.03PR91.83%SCHOOL- 1St.Click Here
6SHAIKHJIWALA RAZIN H.2013-1494%94.82%SCHOOL- 1St.Click Here
7TAILOR URVASHI J.2012-1394%88.30%SCHOOL- 1St.Click Here
8KANDOI VAISHNAVI MAHESHBHAI2011-1295.4%91.67%SCHOOL- 1St.Click Here
9BODKE SHREYA NARESHKUMAR2010-1193%97.21%SCHOOL- 1St.Click Here
10SHAH HARITA DINESHKUMAR2010-1193%97.21%4SCHOOL- 1St.Click Here
11BEDEKAR HIMANI RAVINDRA2009-1094.62%89.49%VADO - 9TH SCHOOL-1STClick Here
12CHAVADA ANJANA DILIPSINGH2008-0993.08%92%SCHOOL- 1St.Click Here
13SHAH DEVAL ASHOKBHAI2007-0894.31%93%VADO -6THClick Here
14NEHETE BHARGAVI PRADIP2006-0792.15%94%SCHOOL- 1St.Click Here

About Us

  • Maharani School is
    one of the most prestigious
    schools in Vadodara,
    Gujarat, INDIA.
  • It was established in
    1999 by Kelvani Trust,
    which is managed by it's
    President :Dr. Jitendra T. Patel (pop)

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  • MAHRANI HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS (Run by Kelvani Trust, Vadodara)
    North Sursagar,
    Vadodara- 390001
    Phone No :- 0265 - 2434295